Every wedding I’m lucky enough to photograph I arrive with a fresh pair of eyes.  I challenge myself at each wedding and am never scared to try something different.  I will get drenched in the rain, crawl on the floor, climb a tree… whatever it takes to capture that perfect image.

I’m dedicated, fearless and I promise to give you everything I’ve got and deliver nothing less than may absolute best.

Your side of the bargain –  to be as adventurous as possible, or as much as the hems of your dress and your polished brogues allow you to be. Let’s explore together and think outside that traditional box.


My Approach

Emotional, unobtrusive, alternative, real..… I capture the day as it happens and I will not be in your face with my camera lens!  I will however be in the thick of it sneakily capturing you and your guests when they least expect it and they probably won’t even know I’ve taken their picture.

I do love to take you both off for a little walk for a mini photoshoot to get some really cool shots away from all the hustle and bustle of your wedding day.  I love using whatever surroundings are available; so if we have an immense backdrop of lakes and mountains, or a city back alley full of beer barrels and biffa bins, it’s ok…We can work with it.

I’m not only a photographer, I will be on hand for any wedding info you need before your big day…whether that’s recommendations for a band, hair and make-up artist I’m only an email away.

On the big day I’ll be there for any little jobs you need help with. From sewing on buttons that have popped off, to pinning the men’s button holes…(I’ve done hundreds!)